Monday, September 14, 2009

I have a house!

I have a house to live in next year!  We are going to live in a three bedroom, double storey town house.  It has a seperate kitchen, a living/dining room and a family room as well as the three bedrooms and a study/storeroom.  Compared to where we are living now, it sounds like a mansion.

I'm very excited because it has TWO toilets.  No more children banging on the door and crying because they are near bursting point when I am trying to have a quiet moment to do my business.  You may think it strange to be so excited about something like this, but until you live in a teeny, tiny house with six other people (with at least one still learning bladder control) and have one toilet (which is IN the bathroom) you probably can't understand.

The children are excited because it's a 'stair' house.  Abby said recently, "If we can't have a pet, can we at least have a stair house."  Well, the pet is still not possible, but I feel like God is providing small blessings by giving us the stair house instead.  I imagine by the end of the first day of moving in, I may not be so sure it is a blessing, but at the moment I'm excited about it.

My biggest concern at the moment is the fact that we have a likely two week gap between moving out of our current home and moving in to our new home.  I'm somewhat puzzled by what we are going to do with the entire contents of our house in this gap.  Should we try to fit it in the back of the car and take it camping?  I'm sure God will have it figured out.  He's pretty good with that kind of stuff normally.

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