Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vegetable garden

It's been many years since we have been able to have a vegie garden, so we were glad to be offered the use of one here at college.  Several weeks ago we took our kids shopping and let them each choose something for the garden, and then Simon and I just added the extra things we wanted.

Abby chose strawberries, Tim chose carrots, Ben chose tomatoes (several varieties) and Ezra (with encouragement from me) chose corn.  we also bought cucumber, celery, snowpeas and several different varieties of lettuce. We had already planted a bean Tim brought home from school and some sunflower seeds.

<== Little tomato already growing.

Bean flowers ==>

<== first strawberry

Sunflower ==>


kelgell said...

Nice work. There's something very fresh and homey about a flourishing vegie garden. Perhaps it reminds me of summer when I was a kid. (Good times playing outside with a garden full of green.)

Kylie said...


susan said...

Your garden looks so neat...all those rows of things to eventually eat.
We are growing a bit in our garden (I'll have to work on the rows though!)
x Susan

Alrischa said...

The frost ate our tomatoes this year; we have to plant more. Your garden looks so nice! Mine is just seeds and snails so far. Two little bitty zucchini plants have come up...