Monday, January 24, 2011

Walking the bridge

Today we walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge with some friends.  It was interesting and fun but it also taught me that next time I should take more drinks, especially if it's a hot day. 
The Opera House and one of Sydney's ferries   

A strange thing we saw near the Opera House, but we couldn't figure out what it was.
Simon and Ezra on the Bridge
Water fun after a picnic.
After our walk we had a picnic lunch and then the kids played in the water feature and got soaked.  Apart from the headache I had afterwards, it was a fantastic day.


Nicole said...

Sounds like fun! The structure next to the Opera house was a blow up art exhibition that you walk through...(we didn't!)

susan said...

We have driven countless times over that bridge but have never been across on foot....
If you go again, the Blencowes would love to join in!

kelgell said...

A simple day out. Sounds like it was good.