Sunday, February 26, 2012


 Bethy is getting chubby, and we think she gets cuter by the day.  Here are some photo's of the last week for family who are far away.

She loves to look at faces now and seems to be trying to have conversations sometimes.

Talking to Abby

Talking to Daddy
She also enjoys cuddles with her siblings.

Abby put her to sleep for me, which made all three of us (Abby, Bethy and I) happy.
Her neck is getting stronger by the day and she LOVES tummy time.
 She is even cute when she is not smiling and she is a normal baby who cries and has grumpy times.

Grumpy looks (sick of having photo's taken???)
Crying "Pick me up!"


kelgell said...

Ah wonderful photos. I particularly loooove the one of Abby and Bethy. Perhaps the story helps too but Abby also looks rather pretty in this shot. I'm gonna print it for my wall. ^^

susan said...

You can never have too many photos!