Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family Fun Mothers Day

Today is Mother's Day and I have had a lovely day.  Bethy woke me to wish me a happy day several times in the wee hours, but she smiles so adorably that it's impossible to be grumpy with her.  The other children piled in to my room not long after 7am to present their Mother's Day gifts for me.  I received vouchers for breakfasts in bed, massages, cups of tea and babysitting for Bethy along with their handmade cards.  There was also the obligatory chocolate, mugs, pens and aprons, but all very nice ones that I really like.

After church and our monthly church lunch we decided to have a family fun afternoon.  We were going to go into the city on the train, but the children were not enthusiastic about that idea, so instead we went somewhere I have been wanting to go for quite awhile.

Elizabeth Farm was originally the home of John and Elizabeth Macarthur, famous for their merino wool (although it seems they may have promoted themselves somewhat more than was really justified).  The oldest part of the house was built in 1793 and it has been largely unchanged since 1830.  Tim had already been here on a school excursion and Ben is coming here later this year, so they were both quite excited to go.

The kids had fun pretending they lived here.
Ben at the writing desk
Abby washing clothes
Ezra relaxing on the front verandah
Tim playing with a stick and hoop
Bethy, just being cute (and Simon).
As for me, I fell in love with this little study.  It is bright and sunny and looks out onto the garden.  I'd love a room like this in my dream house.

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kelgell said...

That study looks a perfect place to write. ;)

And I think Bethy is the Mistress of the know?