Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Busy Days

Yesterday was my 38th birthday.  It passed in a bit of a blur as we had a VERY busy day.

In the morning we had a Presentation Day assembly at our children's school.  We had received a letter informing us that one of our children would be receiving an award of some sort.  I suspected it may have just been Abby's year 6 graduation certificate, but we were happy to attend anyway as she was also singing in the choir.

We were very pleasantly surprised and proud of our children when, as well as the graduation certificate, Abby was also awarded the Rosalie Kerr School Library Award, meaning her name has been engraved on a shield that lives in the school foyer awards cabinet, and she received a $25 voucher to a book store.  Tim and Ben each received a class award for 'Enthusiasm for Learning', each with a $10 voucher to the book store.

As soon as assembly was over we took the kids from their classes and dashed home to have a quick lunch and leave for an interview at a church we are in the process of talking with about a pastoral position next year.  In the afternoon we had an interview with the church deacons, which was informative, encouraging and tiring.  This was followed by pizza for tea at a lookout where we had a view of the town which may be home to us next year.

The church had arranged accommodation for the night for us, and when we returned there the kids went crazy.  They had a ball taking silly photos with my new ipad (a combined birthday/christmas present for Simon and I).  Sometime during this silliness and hysterical laughter, I realised I had received a message on my phone.  A quick check showed it was from my Dad, informing me that my very ill Grandfather had just died.  Not quite the birthday present I wanted, but somewhat of a relief also, knowing he was healthy and well in heaven now, and no longer suffering with the dementia and physical impairment that has plagued him over the last few months.

Grandad was a wonderful, loving, godly man.  I am proud to be his grand daughter and I will miss him incredibly.  

Today was also an incredibly busy day.  We had an interview with the principal of a school in the area, then an interview with the Pastor of our prospective new church and, after a quick lunch, another meeting with some of the key leaders within the church.  Our children have been incredibly well behaved over the last two (very boring for them) days.

Now we are tired, grieving, excited, daunted and feel like we are in a bit of a fog.  It's been a very big few days. 

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kelgell said...

Just a quick rollercoaster ride for you. Not always pleasant. Sorry to hear about the saddness of your grandad going but sounds like it's a relief for him. Hugs.

Nice work on the kids' behalf. What's Abby's award in regards to? Exciting/edgy to hear about the prospective job. It will be soooo nice when you just get to say "We're moving here, and doing this." Oh to know and exit the waiting period! I hope it all works out way better than you ever anticipated. It will be strange when Simon's officially a 'pastor' and working as one. Can't wait to visit you all.