Monday, August 25, 2014

Impulse buy

I was in a book shop today when I saw a book I had to buy.  My challenge now is to actually use it and not just leave it to collect dust on my shelf.

When Bethy was born she was given a handmade knitted doll, named Poppy (Thanks Auntie Tammy).  I love Poppy and so does Bethy.  Poppy makes me wish I could knit.
As I was trying to hurry out of the bookshop with my purchases, and my extra purchases to stop a small girl from screaming the shop down or destroying a book from the shelf, I saw this book.  I'm pretty sure it actually called out to me.

There was little time for consideration.  I took a quick peek inside and fell in love.  This book has a pattern for how to crochet a doll, designs for a multitude of essentials for any doll (like clothing, cakes, teddies, a pet penguin, toy bucket, baskets, shoes, etc), and suggestions for a few different ways to make her hair.  Here's a peek at some of what it offers.

I'm excited at the thought of what I could make and a little tense at the thought of how much yarn I am going to want to buy.  I guess I'd better drag my yarn box out and see what's in my stash before I buy new stuff.


Alrischa said...

Pet penguin!!

Can't wait to see one of these; they're so cute!

Wow, Poppy's hair looks crazy. Hehehe. Might have to give it a steam treatment ;)

kelgell said...

So, how's that doll coming along E?
I think I've seen this book. Or maybe it was just at your place since this post is nearly a year old. (Sorry I haven't dropped by in so so long)
I love the hair of the blonde one. That yarn works awesomely as hair.