Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Happenings

We have had a very exciting Easter this year.  Among other things my parents came to stay for the weekend and Tim got baptized, by Simon, on Easter Sunday, whilst they were here.

 Tim giving his testimony
 Simon and Tim in the Baptistry

After our Church Morning Tea, and a quick lunch we decided the weather would allow us to make use of Sydney's 'Family Fun Day' tickets and so we visited Circular Quay, the Sydney Opera House and took a ride on a ferry to Watson's Bay.  We discovered that while the ferry going to Watsons Bay was practically empty, the return trip was very, very crowded.  Apparently you are not meant to remain on the ferry and do a round trip.  You are meant to get off at Watsons Bay, join the end of the queue and see if you can get back on.  We didn't know this and the ferry crew were a bit grumpy with us.  Fortunately, they let us stay on, and the Ferry was not quite full, so we would have made it back on, but we may not have had the seats we had, right at the front.

Kids with Grandad and Grandma at the Opera House
Grandma, myself, the kids, Simon

A lovely day was topped off with icecream sundae's at Hungry Jacks.


kelgell said...

Did I know you had a blog?? I can't remember. I do like the "wife of one". He he. Clever. Blogs are great when you live far don't have to repeat all your stories. People can just stop by in a click and catch up.

My, you probably don't want to think about it but... Abby's pushing teenager look. Obviously still pre-teen but looking more like a teen than a child now. My my my. Growing up...

Esther said...

He,he. No, you didn't know I had a blog. I hadn't told anyone until recently. I hadn't decided if I wanted to "go public" or not. I thought I'd leave a comment for you and see if you found me or not.

Glad you did find it.