Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winter Holidays in Sydney

Our holidays felt very busy and as enjoyable as they were, it is almost a relief to get back into the routine of term time again.  We had many visitors, including both family and friends.  The weather has been absolutely glorious most of the time and we are appreciating not being in freezing cold Victoria this winter.

Here are a few holiday snaps.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream in Manly.

Rock climbing and bushwalking in Lane Cove National Park.

Exploring the creek behind our house
and building lego with other friends.

Botanic Gardens Family Fun Day to finish the holidays

And we finished the day by finally succeeding in getting a photo of all four of our children in Autumn leaves to replace the original which only had Abby and Tim.


kelgell said...

Aww, look how little they were. Hard to remember really. Like the new photo though. It worked really well. And I had a fun time hanging out with you guys. Wish I could do it more regularly. Maybe I'll visit again on my way to the UK. See you in October anyway...

susan said...

A lot of growing inbetween photos!