Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Book

I have a book that I have been repeatedly borrowing from the local library.  Mostly I just look at the pictures and wish I could give it more of my attention, but so far this year I have been called back to the need to be studying. 
I had decided that I loved this book enough to put it on my birthday wishlist later in the year and just borrow it from the library until then, although once when I wanted to borrow it somebody else had already taken it and I couldn't get it for a week or so.
Yesterday, I took Tim on a date.  We had donuts and watched the ice skating, then we spent a long time checking out lego at Target and Big W.  Just as we were heading home I suggested we have a quick look at a large book sale display, with no intention of buying anything. 


There it was!  The book I've been wanting, for a fantastic price.  So this morning my trip to school will involve returning a library book I no longer need.

Here's my prized purchase.

  It has so many great motifs that I can use for making badges and bag tags and things to sew on T-shirts and other ideas I have.  I can't wait to finish my exam next week so I can stop looking at the pictures and start trying some of the patterns.


Alrischa said...

Addict! lol.

Now how many balls of yarn do you have stashed away, hmm?

Must learn to crochet some day...

Kylie said...

Exams come at the most inconvienient of times, don't they?

kelgell said...

Coool. I'll have to come visit you for sure now when I return. ;)
Have fun...AFTER your exams are done.