Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yarn Stash

I was asked awhile ago, by my sister-in-law, how big my yarn stash is now.  I pulled it out today to look through what I had before I made a trip to spotlight.  I decided to take a photo for Tammy's benefit.

My 'yarn stash' fills several bags

Yesterday I went to the Sydney craft and quilt fair with some of my neighbours.  We had a good but exhausting day.  I managed to limit my spending very well and only bought a couple of little bags of mixed yarn.  The smaller bag is 100% silk and the larger bag is an assortment.


Alrischa said...

OOoo... silk! Look at all those bags! (I'm giving you yarn for Christmas now! hehe!)

kelgell said...

You're hooked! ^^ You're definitely a yarnie now. Soon you'll be sorting your stash and getting rid of the cheaper stuff for quality stuff. Have fun.