Thursday, June 21, 2012

Learning about the goldrush

Abby and Tim have been learning about the goldrush at school.  Today they had a special dress-up day as a part of this section of their curriculum.  It has been the most exciting thing at school for several weeks.  Abby tells me that it was the only thing anybody would talk about at recess and lunchtime.

We recently found some old clothes of Abby's (from when she was about 18months old) and Abby wondered if Bethy could fit into them just for the trip to school.

Here they are.  Tim is dressed as a miner and Abby is dressed as the owner of a boarding house.  Bethy is dressed as a cute baby...

Last night I suddenly had a brilliant idea for how to crochet a bonnet for Bethy.  After the kids were in bed I pulled out some yarn to see if my idea worked. Unfortunately I forgot to put it on for the photo with Abby and Tim, but we remembered for going to school.  She fell asleep in the car on the way home so I got a picture of her then.  I'm quite pleased with how the bonnet turned out.


kelgell said...

They look fantastic. Obviously Tim is doing pretty well as a miner and Abby must have a decent boarding house too. And Bethy....cute as ever. Love her hair. Bonnet is great too. Will have to have some hooky playtime when I come visit.

Esther said...

I think Tim is probably a bit too clean to be a miner, but maybe he's dressed in his Sunday best. Abby was thrilled because I found a puffy petticoat at the op shop.

Looking forward to some hooky time together when you get back... actually, just looking forward to ant time together, doing hooky or anything else.