Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic thoughts...

As we all know the Olympics are in full swing at the moment.  I have enjoyed watching my children get excited, and I have been tempted to give in to their requests to "stay up, just till the next ad break", because I know they are enjoying watching, even when Australia loses.

As I listened to the coverage the other day, without being able to actually see the TV from where I was, I was reminded of this poem by Banjo Paterson.

The Riders in the Stand

There's some that ride the Robbo style, and bump at every stride;
While others sit a long way back, to get a longer ride.
There's some that ride like sailors do, with legs and arms, and teeth;
And some ride on the horse's neck, and some ride underneath.

But all the finest horsemen out -- the men to Beat the Band --
You'll find amongst the crowd that ride their races in the Stand.
They'll say "He had the race in hand, and lost it in the straight."
They'll show how Godby came too soon, and Barden came too late.

They'll say Chevalley lost his nerve, and Regan lost his head;
They'll tell how one was "livened up" and something else was "dead" --
In fact, the race was never run on sea, or sky, or land,
But what you'd get it better done by riders in the Stand.

The rule holds good in everything in life's uncertain fight;
You'll find the winner can't go wrong, the loser can't go right.
You ride a slashing race, and lose -- by one and all you're banned!
Ride like a bag of flour, and win -- they'll cheer you in the Stand.

Banjo Paterson

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Alrischa said...

lol. Agree!