Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A look at homonym's

Last week at FaithWriters (a site for Christian Writers) we had a 'mini-challenge' involving writing a story and using five sets of homonym's within the story.  When I looked up the link we were given listing many homonyms a ridiculous little story popped into my head and I wrote it down for fun.  Here it is.

Faye's Strange Day 

Faye lived in a cosy house in a small town by the beach. One morning, as she ate an egg and wurst sandwich for breakfast, she felt the strangest sensation on the heel of her bare left foot. Looking down she was surprised to see a fay, one of the little folk, sticking a large pin into the heel.

Faye angrily kicked at the little lady, who promptly disappeared into a small knot hole in the floorboards, leaving Faye puzzled about the whole experience.

As Faye stood up to begin clearing away her breakfast dishes, she noticed her heel was numb. As the morning progressed, the heel began to swell and by evening Faye could barely walk and when her husband arrived home, they took a drive to the local hospital to get it checked.

After one look at Faye’s pale face, the nurse on duty ushered her into a cubicle and hurried off to find the nearest Doctor. Faye was concerned when she overheard the nurse speaking to the Doctor. “There’s a woman just arrived and I took one look at her and, seeing how fey she looked, I thought I’d better get her checked quickly.”

A Doctor entered the cubicle shortly after and seemed puzzled by Faye’s injured heel. “I know of only one way to heal an injury like this. Because it was inflicted by the little folk, we’ll need to use their own remedies to cure it. I must ask what you were doing when this occurred.”

Faye told the story of her morning and the Doctor nodded and “Hmm, hmm’d” until she mentioned the wurst she had been eating.

“Ah, huh! That is the cause of this problem. There is only one cure for you. You must stand up, wave your arms above your head and repeat three times “I waive the right to eat wurst for breakfast”.”

Faye was most puzzled by this cure, but after her peculiar day, she decided to try it. As she finished her third recital, she felt a tingle in her left heel and looked down to see it had been completely healed.

“Now,” said the Doctor, “You must never eat wurst for breakfast again or the worst thing imaginable will happen. This heel would swell again and we would never be able to heal it afterwards.”

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