Friday, August 31, 2012


Today Elizabeth has been very sooky at home.  She was fine when we went out to Bible study this morning, but her time at home has been filled with tears and a desire to be held constantly.  I offered baby toys and more baby toys, and then some other different baby toys.  Nothing pleased her.  She grizzled her way around the floor finding any 'non-baby' toys she could on the floor, close to the edge of the couch, or getting them while sitting on my knee.  She also found the nappy bag.  She would then chew on things until they were taken away or got boring.

So far she has attempted to devour:
the TV remote,
one brother's sword (it's okay, it's only a toy),
another brother's light saber (also only a toy),
her sister's ruler,
the box of wipes,
a clean nappy,
some clean clothes,
the couch,
her socks,
her toes,
the floor,
a bookmark from the school book fair last week and
a pamphlet about the Sydney Jewish Museum.

Trying to cram in all the information about the Jewish Museum (See all the toys she refused to play with…)


I think I need to be creative with toys for the next little while and maybe put away her familiar toys, at least for a week or so.

And in case people were wondering, she is not crawling yet, but she somehow manages to wiggle around on her bottom and covers a lot of floor space this way.


kelgell said...

Is she teething? Give her some funny things to chew on...lemon, something fridge cold, spikey ball.... Camera in hand of course. ;)

Esther said...

We've thought she's been teething for a few weeks, but she wasn't chewing things excessively at Bible Study this morning. She just seemed happy to be around different people and have different toys to play with. It's only been at home that she has been grizzly and frustrated with the regular toys.

It might be funny to give her different stuff to chew on anyway (with a camera). She had a chew on a lemon from the fruit bowl the other day (just chewed the outside) and didn't seem too bothered by it.

kelgell said...

I was doing some reading about 6-9mth olds yesterday and it mentioned they love to scrunch paper. Maybe it's just her new favourite toy.

Esther said...

I do remember the others all liking paper. I have a video somewhere of Abby in a similar situation to Bethy. The floor strewn with toys and Abby eating a shopping list or tissue or something that fell out of my pocket. One of my friends just said that her boy (who's six weeks older than Bethy) is fascinated with a face washer instead of his toys.

Kylie said...

Off topic...

I like her jacket :)