Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Funday with Kelly

This was meant to be posted last week but I got busy doing an essay (and then taking it easy) and forgot about it until today.

Last Sunday we went into the city to 'walk the bridge' with my parents-in-law and my sister-in-law.  It was a bit of a miserable looking day but we checked the weather radar and hoped for the best.

Approach to the bridge
Storm coming
Ezra just before the rain started.
Waiting for the rain to stop.
Ben couldn't avoid the temptation to play in the rain with his new umbrella.

Once we had completed the bridge, rain and all, we caught the train and walked to the "Chinese Friendship gardens".  They were interesting, beautiful and peaceful. 

 The highrise buildings over the fence didn't seem to fit, but they could be ignored when I focused on the details instead of trying to take it all in at once.

Although the gardens aren't huge, they show a lot of different scenery, from peaceful water areas to somewhat stark bamboo areas.

 This is a rock, but it was lots of fun.

Water Dragon sunning himself.

Ezra was fascinated by these giant goldfish and there were SO many of them.

By the end of the day Abby had a blister and was not feeling so happy anymore, but, on the upside, it was nice to see Tim and Ezra enjoying each other's company on the train trip home.

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kelgell said...

Like. Like. Like. Yeah it was a great day and gardens were really beautiful.