Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lego creativity

Our lego has been in hibernation for several weeks as it seemed to be bringing out the worst in my boys and causing many arguments.  Yesterday I decided to reintroduce it and see what happened.

The boys argued a little, but mostly the co-operative playing won.  Here's what they created.

It is a crane that Tim designed by himself.  Ben helped with bits and pieces and Ezra made the boat at the front righthand side of the table (and shown below).  This is the first large creation the boys have made from their own imaginations, without following any instructions.

Ezra's boat

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kelgell said...

That's awesome! Nice to see Tim working without the instructions and doing his own thing. Love the crane and I like that the boat has twin propellers. Must be a speedboat. And good work on the cooperative play.
Yay boys.