Friday, April 15, 2011

Mothers Day stall crochet creations

Our school holds an annual Mothers Day stall and as parents we are asked to donate items and then give our children money to go and buy the items at the stall to give us on Mothers Day.  It seems a little twisted when I put it like that, but it helps raise money for the school and it gives the kids a chance to choose something for their mothers.  I like to see what mine choose each year, although it is more difficult for children in the last classes to choose as the options are limited by then.

This year I thought I would see if I could make anything for the stall.  I googled 'crocheted Mothers Day gifts' and found some very tacky and uninspiring ideas, but amidst these I found some that set off my creative juices. 
A pretty mobile phone case.  This is my second attempt.  The first was a learning curve.  I hope to make some more in other colours.
A crocheted beaded bracelet made with silver thread.  This is my first bracelet attempt and I also hope to make more.
A beaded necklace.  This was actually my first jewellry attempt.  I used cheap beads from the craft shop.  They were blue when I began, but by the time I finished, I had blue fingers and clear beads.  It is also way too small.  It just fits Abby as a choker.  Next attempt will be bigger with better quality beads and a pendant.
Now I'm wondering whether these would be appreciated by Mothers as gifts from the school stall, or would they be considered tacky and inappropriate?  I saw some of the jewellry on offer last year (and at Mothers Day stalls at other schools we have attended) and I think mine compares quite well.  In fact I like mine better than some of what I have seen.  I guess it just depends on individual taste really.


kelgell said...

I think they are quite decent considering the presents you can get from other child-chosen options. I hope you overhear someone raving about a nice mother's day gift that happens to be one you made. :) Mothers Day here was the Sunday after I arrived.

Alrischa said...

Phone socks are pretty nice and useful things, I reckon. Though I reckon children should buy their mums REAL diamonds for Mothers' Day! hehe.

susan said...

So clever!

You are very neat...such even stitches.