Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holiday business.

As we near the end of our second week of Autumn school holidays I felt the need to share some of what we have done.  The kids have been fantastic overall.  They have had their moments, but mostly I have been very proud of them and very impressed with their ability to play together well.

Today Ben and I made some...
Choc chip biscuits

Earlier this week Abby had a couple of school friends come over for a play.  She had wanted to have a spy birthday party which never happened so I promised to organise some form of 'spy' activity for this day.  I created a treasure hunt with 13 clues leading to a box of goodies. The girls ran back and forward looking for clues.  Each new clue came with a piece of a puzzle that had to be completed to show the 'treasure map'.

Dividing up the loot
A clue in the peg basket


Ben lost his first tooth
I got roses
and I made more phone socks.

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kelgell said...

Oh that spy game would have been fun. I bet they had a blast.

Congrats Ben! Loosing your first tooth is a bit of a milestone. He's growing up.

And nice work on the phone socks. They look great. You definitely progressed.