Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Abby's birthday

Today is Abby's 11th birthday.

I have discovered that birthdays are good days to make kids get ready for school quick.  All four kids came knocking at our bedroom door at 6:45am.  We told them there would be no giving or receiving of presents until they were all dressed, with shoes on and hair done.  I have NEVER seen them get dressed so quick.  I'm sure Abby did a superman trick and dressed faster than is humanly possible.

7:15am - all dressed and waiting for present time
Presents came from near and far
There was lots of time to start playing with her new Sylvanian Family people and furniture
On arriving home from school there was a present from Auntie Kelly and some birthday cards as well.

Here at Morling College we have a tradition of sharing a cake with the other children who live nearby.  We call it "Playground Birthday cakes".  We have so many children on campus this year that I felt the need for more than one cake.  I ended up making three cakes.  The first ones are a pair, intended to represent the number 11.  Abby requested "A sour worm cake", so here's what I made.

Their hair is sour worms and the cake has sour strap all around the edge
This is using up the leftover icing and ensuring there is enough cake for everyone.
Blowing out the candles.
A present of a picture from one of our 'little neighbours'.
I think she had a good day.  She has just disappeared into her bedroom with the Nintendo DS her neighbour has lent her for the night.  We may not see her again tonight, even though we are having lasagna especially for her.


kelgell said...

Oh good quick thinking on your part--especially that early in the morning! Yay, I'm glad my present made it today. I'm glad she's had a good day. The pictures look fun.

Alrischa said...

Happy Birthday, Abby!

susan said...

A happy day!
Love your baking....very impressive sour people!