Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Saturday

In the afternoon the boys played on the oval with Daddy.
Get him!
Giddy up Daddy
Stacks on Daddy
Stack on Ezra
Stack on Tim
Sometimes it looked a bit rough
Daddy the workhorse
Abby found a baby to cuddle

I finished my project but I still can't reveal it, although I can show some of what I was working on because it didn't make it into the end product.  For Tammy, here is what those weird black shapes were. (And my project's end result is not that exciting really, I just had fun experimenting with it.)

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kelgell said...

OH I JUST LOVE THOSE PHOTOS! They look like they are having the best time. Very much boy play but rough is ok as long as they learn when to stop. I'm sure they're happy with rougher play than you'd like. :)
Can't wait to see you guys again in a few weeks!