Saturday, March 5, 2011


Simon is in the library studying.  Abby is next door assisting with the important task of setting up a doll's house.  The boys (after getting over their bickering and arguing from earlier this morning) have settled into some quite indoor activities as it has been trying to decide whether it's going to rain or not outside.  I am happily working on a small project which has not reached it's time to be fully revealed, but is bringing me much pleasure as I experiment.

Ezra playing a game with Little People and Sylvanian family babies
Tim and Ben playing board games
My little mystery project


kelgell said...

It's nice to see some photos of just regular life. Good photos of the boys playing. And I'm waiting with interest to see what this mystery project is. I am requesting more photos like this when I leave the country and will appreciate and enjoy every little bit of family news.

Alrischa said...

Hmmm... all those weird black... shapes... mysterious. Hehe. And look at that teensy crochet hook. Must learn how to do that some day.