Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Author

Today Ezra wrote a book.  He has been doing this quite a lot lately, but today he asked me to help write the words for him.  His book is called "The Monster and the Person".

The Monster and the Person
The monster is hungry.  He is looking for a person.
The person runs away.  The monster can never find him.
The man goes home.
His home gets eaten.  He hides behind a rock.
The monster looks for the man, but steps on a pointy rock and hurts his foot.  It bleeds.
The man is happy because the monster is dead.
By Ezra.

Ezra had done all the pictures before he asked for my help, so the story was thought out before I even knew he was doing it.  I'm quite proud of his creative efforts.


Alrischa said...

The Ezra with a backwards Z is cute, too.

kelgell said...

Oh well done Ezra. That's so clever. It's quite a well laid out story line for a 5yo.

susan said...

Love the ending!