Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday afternoons

Simon and I are finding ourselves increasingly busy lately.  Sometimes it feels as though the world is spinning too fast and I can't find time to do anything.  Because of this we have been attempting to devote Sunday afternoons to specific family time so the kids know we haven't forgotten that they exist.

Last week we caught the train into the city (using "family Fun-Day" fares) and went to the Powerhouse Museum for the afternoon.  We enjoyed it but found it was not quite as good as Scienceworks in Melbourne.  The kids still enjoyed themselves though.
Ezra found a mini.
Ben made music
Tim controlled bears making music
Abby tried out the electric chair
Simon on a Penny Farthing
Ezra stood at this screen for ages and listened to an interactive thing about energy.  He was not keen to leave it and later told me "That man was teaching me stuff."

Yesterday we just went to a local park with the kids scooters.  I think we had more fun at the park than we did last week.

Ezra scooting.  Actually, he stopped pretty quick, but the others had fun scooting.
Abby and Ben playing some game
Tim showing me he can balance with no hands
Simon and Ezra trying out the exercise equipment
The boys playing tag/tip/chasey (depending on which state you come from) on the climbing equipment.
Just to prove I was actually there also.

Sorry about all the pictures for those who have slow downloads.  These are mostly for the benefit of family who live far away.


Alrischa said...

Ezra found a mini. lol! Glad you all look like you're having fun.

kelgell said...

Yeah, no pic of you at Powerhouse museum. Laughed at Ezra not wanting to leave the screen and his quote. Good to hear some things facinate him. The playground looks fun. If you're in the right mood you can have loads of fun at places like that. Yay, I'm glad I decided on coming in time to spend a Sunday with you. I can join you for a family fun day in a couple of weeks.